I want to be a vet & this is because I love animals,especially dogs.The advantages of being a vet are many.When you are a vet you are the person to whom someone runs to when they need your help and they can't do it themselves.You help injured animals get better and in my eyes you save an animals life.To me this job is amazing.

Therefore, being a vet maybe a little tough but also being very helpful to animals.It is nice being a vet because you help to save an animals life.Therefore, I conclude by saying being a vet has its advantages and disadvantages.


Canine pancreatitis
Canine pancreatitisis is more prevalent in dogs aged seven or older, and small breed dogs. The disease occurs when juices in the the pancreas start attacking the organ, resulting in inflammation. Since poor diets are associated with pancreatitis, feed high quality food with low carbohydrates and high amounts of protein. While treatable, pancreatitis is very serious and not all dogs recover. Many symptoms indicate other diseases, so consult the veterinarian for a definite diagnosis.

Abdominal Pain

·  In some dogs with pancreatitis, abdominal pain is obvious and the dog's abdomen may be distended. In other dogs the symptoms are more subtle. Watch for appetite loss, frequent changing of position or not laying down completely. The dog may appear to be "hunched," or laying with chest down and hindquarters up. A dog exhibiting such symptoms should be brought to the vet immediately.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

·  Both vomiting and diarrhea may be symptomatic of pancreatitis, especially if the feces appear yellowish or greasy. Fever may also be present. Make sure the dog did not get into the garbage or consume any toxins, as this can cause both the symptoms and pancreatitis. If vomiting and diarrhea persist for more than a short period, take the dog to the vet for evaluation and diagnosis.

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