I want to be a vet & this is because I love animals,especially dogs.The advantages of being a vet are many.When you are a vet you are the person to whom someone runs to when they need your help and they can't do it themselves.You help injured animals get better and in my eyes you save an animals life.To me this job is amazing.

Therefore, being a vet maybe a little tough but also being very helpful to animals.It is nice being a vet because you help to save an animals life.Therefore, I conclude by saying being a vet has its advantages and disadvantages.


Pet napped   

Someone stole your rottweiler? You’re not alone. Pedigreed dogs are disappearing with alarming regularity.

What is behind this spate if dog a disappearance? The obvious reason is that they’re expensive and can fetch a good price. A pedigreed Labrador pup, for example, will sell for as much as Rs 18,000,while a pug-the breed made famous by the hutch ad-will sell for up to Rs 25,000.A stolen pup will sell for about half as much, a neat sum.

“Anybody who steals a dog isn’t very worried about scruples,” says Dasgupta,a dog lover.They’re  not  worried what a dog that’s been taken from a loving family will turn into a traumatised, confused and very angry creature. The dogs are kept poorly, made to breed around the year and when they cant any longer,theyre  abandoned.

Most at risk

Labradors and golden retrievers

According to experts, they are  ‘so idiotically friendly they’ll probably just walk off with just about anybody.

(with inputs from Times of India)

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